Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm back in Australia now and I've been quite busy getting things organised so I can go back to the UK in a month's time.

Getting our household items sent to Sydney from Victoria is turning out to be expensive so I am trying to find a cheaper alternative. I only want to sell alot of stuff then send the rest over to the UK, so at the moment I'm considering having a moving house sale in a community hall or a scout hall down in Vic, then stick everything else in a shipping container and send it overseas.

If only my husband would answer my emails, but he isn't and I'm getting worried sick coz I don't know what's going on. If you read this Mr J, please enlighten me!

In other news, AF has been and gone, it was probably the least painful period I've had in a few years. I think it was due to a combination of acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs and dietary changes. Now I'm just utterly miserable at the sight of a pregnant belly. I would be just three weeks away from having a baby by now. It's all completely fucked.

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