Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm glad we are leaving the farm, I don't want to be here anymore. Too many sad (and bad) memories. I have had the worst time with my health ever since moving to Victoria, I mean, I was in the state less than 48hrs before I suffered a stroke. Then my menstrual cycles went to shit and it has been a fucking hard road with my fertility. I've battled terrible bouts of depression because of it all. I feel like I am cursed for coming here.

We are selling up all our cattle and other assets and taking a long, much deserved holiday. A good friend of ours arrives from the UK on November 7 so we will be all packed up and gone by the 6th, stay the night in Melbourne and meet Darren at the airport, then head off somewhere for a couple of days break.

Then we will probably drive up to Sydney, spend some time catching up with friends and family, stay a few days in the Blue Mountains, then drop my car off at my parents' place. We are considering flying over to WA, hiring a motorhome and travelling around for a few weeks. Then when Darren heads back to the UK we hope to get the same flight or one just after him and spend a few weeks with Andrew's grandparents. Andrew can't wait to show me around his old haunts and favourite places. He talks so much about "back home", it is 10 years since he said goodbye to all his friends and family, it will be great for Andrew to see them again.

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