Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's not completely over :-(

I was sure everything had passed when I miscarried two nights back. But late this afternoon I started getting pain low down across my back and into my pelvis. I felt something pass, assuming it was another blood clot, but it was in fact part of the placenta :-(

So I contacted the hospital and was told to come in, the Dr examined me by ultrasound and said that there may be a little bit left but it didn't appear to be much. As I lay there on the bed and he looked at the screen, I secretly hoped that he would find another little heartbeat in there, but I knew there was nothing, I just don't want to believe that it really is all over. For most of today I have been in denial because I am not ready to accept the fact that I have lost four babies.

It's my choice whether to have a D&C or wait it out now. I'm going to see what tomorrow brings, if things haven't improved I'll call the hospital and let them know and they will admit me on Friday morning for the procedure.

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