Saturday, October 4, 2008

D&C over and done, had a cry just before they knocked me out for the procedure :-(

Woke up in a fair amount of pain, the morphine made me feel ill. I was bleeding a fair bit after surgery, so I can only guess that the surgeon (my GP) removed the polyp on my cervix after cleaning out my uterus. Seeing him on Monday so I will know more then.

Having the D&C was like the final nail in the coffin, it symbolised that the pregnancy was definitely over, the last fragments of my baby's existence were gone.

I feel as miserable as shit today, it hurts to think about babies, it hurts knowing that I am edging closer to my 34th birthday without a baby growing in my belly.

In just 11 days it will be Andrew's & my 3rd wedding anniversary. I doubt that either of us will feel like there is much to celebrate.

We have just five weeks left on the farm before we have sold up, packed up and moved out. At least there is alot to do before then, it will be a welcome distraction from the pain of our most recent loss.

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