Monday, September 29, 2008

My little acrobat

Baby is definitely ok, s/he was being quite the performer for the ultrasound I am happy to say! The Dr was quite impressed by all the activity too hehehe.

But I have to admit, I was dying for something quick to eat and drink before the appointment, I only had 15 minutes to pop into a local cafe so decided on a piece of apple cinnamon cake and a very weak cafe latte. My first coffee in about 6 weeks may I add. I think the caffeine and sugar hit had alot to do with Baby's acrobatics.

I feel like a terrible mummy for making such poor choices, but it was a matter of little time and money, and it was much better to have something in my tummy before the appointment otherwise I might have fainted.

Sorry Baby, I will not have coffee again! (cake? ... well, that's another matter entirely.)

This very relieved mummy is now going to take a rest before getting dinner ready.

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