Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This morning I made an appt to see gyno Dr B on 7th May so that's only 3ish weeks away, pretty short wait!


I called the gyno's office again and spoke to the clinic nurse to find out how soon I might be able to get in for surgery. Obviously I only have a small window of opportunity each cycle and the Lap/HSG needs to be done before CD14 (just in case I happen to have conceived and the embryo is making its way down to the uterus).

By my calculations, this "window" should be available toward the end of May. So I am hoping beyond all hope that there is a spot available for me.

From June onward, the hospital will have a new policy on waiting lists and I could wait anything from 3-6 months. Excuse me, I just shit my pants. No, I didn't... but that's how I feel.

I simply cannot wait that long. CANNOT.

I will lie through my teeth if I have to, just to get squeezed in for surgery in May. Sounds incredibly selfish and I feel uncomfortable about lying to my Dr but I've waited so long now, I don't think I could bear another 3-6 months. It fills me with despair to know that I may have to.

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