Monday, April 14, 2008


I have to have a Lap/HSG as soon as possible, so will be calling my gyno tmrw to book the surgery (and a pre-surgery appointment most likely). Apparently the waiting list in my FS's town is so long, we'd be looking at about 6-12 months!! If I can get it done at the hospital in my gyno's town, the wait might only be 4-8 weeks.

I have to start taking my daily aspirin again. PRONTO. I am a bad bad girl for stopping it apparently. There will be times that I will have to stop but for now I keep taking it until told otherwise.

Dr D was nice, I felt comfortable with him but I was so anxious before the appointment that DH later commented on the fact that I was trembling in the waiting room. Trembling? Quaking more likely. I couldn't even hold a magazine open without the pages jumping around. My face and ears were bright red and my chest was all blotchy because I was so stressed out and nervous.

And as long as the results of the Lap are okay (as in, no blockages, no endo etc) then our first line of attack will be IUI or intra uterine insemination.

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