Friday, September 21, 2007

My dog ate my post


Don't you hate that? I had typed up quite a long post and then lost it. Hmph, so much for the autosave function!

To cut a long story short:

SA results are back.

Count = Population excellent
Morphology = beach studs
Motility = not lifesaver material


I am hoping that it is just a simple change of lifestyle that can affect sperm motility. Hubby has been under so much stress lately and his diet has been lacking because he has been so busy that he rarely comes home for every meal.

We have to re-test in 3 months' time, that seems too far away. I wonder why so long? Not that it really matters much because I've been a drama queen yet again and now my Lap has been postponed until November.

Lately I've been suffering a few headaches and I assumed the one on Monday was a migraine but I told DH that if the headaches continued I would go see a Dr. Tuesday afternoon I was feeling perfectly okay and was working on the farm doing my usual chore of calf rearing.

I got mega pissed off with this one particular calf who was being very unco-operative and kept struggling to get away from me so I yelled at it until I was red in the face. Just as I gave up on it I noticed that my eyesight was going a bit weird, I was seeing colourful spots in front of me.

So I packed up and drove off in the ute towards home, thinking that if I wasn't feeling any better when I got there then I'd go rest for a little while before finishing my work over there. But I didn't make it home, did I?

My vision was getting worse and I was feeling nauseous so I pulled over and radioed DH to come and get me. By the time he got there I'd passed out and was slumped across the seat. He immediately called an ambulance and I was carted off to hospital for examination.

By the time I got to hospital I had regained consciousness and felt much better, the Dr on duty examined me and then sent me off to a larger hospital where I stayed for the night and had a CT scan. The CT didn't show up anything other than my old scar tissue from my stroke so I have to go for an EEG and MRI in Geelong as well as see my neurologist Dr T.

What the Drs think happened to me was that I suffered a TIA - Transient Ischaemic Attack. Usually these events happen to people before they suffer a stroke, but they can also occur up to 4 years AFTER a stroke. So why was I never told about a TIA and that I was at risk?

So now, the Lap has been moved to 12th of November at this stage but I have to see my gyno Dr B after I have seen Dr T.

* sigh *

Why the fuck does this have to be so dramatic? Why can't I just have a baby like most other women? It totally stinks, I am in much better health than many other women who have conceived and had babies, yet this drags on and on and on. One fucking drama after another.

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FiestyKel said...

Just want you to know I am thinking of you. You have such a massive set of hurdles and more keep being added. I don't know where or how you can find the strength to battle through, but you do have many friends willing to carry you over the hurdles when you need us to. Take care xx