Thursday, August 30, 2007

Doing better

Am feeling better than the last time I posted. I guess my moods correspond with where I'm at in my cycle. Well today is CD17 and for the last 12 months I've usually ovulated around this day, sometimes a little bit later depending on how much stress I'm under at the time. I am hoping that hubby and I have been lucky enough to catch the egg this cycle because I really don't want to undergo the laparoscopy that I am booking in for shortly.

So on the emotional scale I'm hovering somewhere around hopefulness. I think what has helped is that I'm starting to be more pro-active about my weight issues and have been under the guidance of my naturopath. She has just got me started on a supplement that is meant to be just as effective as Metformin but without all the nasty side effects. It may be about a month or more before I notice any changes but what it SHOULD help with is my sugar cravings.

Something else I've been thinking of doing is getting myself weighed weekly or fortnightly at the local pharmacy, just to monitor my progress. While I'm waiting to fall pregnant I might as well work on my health and fitness right? :-)

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