Monday, May 4, 2009


I've had a sore throat for three days now, I don't think it's swine flu though! No other symptoms, just a sore throat and a bit of a cough.

Just returned from a road trip to Vic, totallying 2500km in 5 days. I had to take some stuff down to Warrnambool and put it into storage, plus sort all the stuff already in storage to have some of it sent to Sydney. The rest of the stuff (including what I took down) will be sent to the UK.

The due date for Baby J has passed. 24th of April. It was hard, very hard. I have named him Joshua on his due date, it is only fitting that I give him a name on the day he should have been born.

Today also marks one year since I lost the third pregnancy. So many anniversaries, none of them happy ones.

My visa application is done and paid for, I just need to attend an interview in at the British Consulate in Sydney. It's Andrew's birthday in just over a month so I'd like to be back for that, I hope I can make that happen but it all depends on how long the visa processing takes.

So much done, still so much left to do. I am having a garage sale this Saturday, then another one the following Saturday. It would all have been done in one day but for some incompetent removalists who "forgot" about the 3rd container of furniture I needed. So they are bringing that up from Vic at no cost. Dipsticks!

I had a healing/psychic reading session a few days ago, it was really emotional for me, I felt like I had purged all this anger and pain that had been clouding me for so long. I will post details about that another day. But it was a good experience, affirmed alot of things for me, and I walked out with a renewed hope and this sense that a big weight has been lifted.

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