Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where I'm at right now

I've been in the UK since just before Christmas, having left the farm and taking a big holiday around Australia for 6 weeks. Having a great time in the UK, we've had a heap of snow which I'm excited about, but everyone else is whinging and complaining... like typical Poms really!

While travelling in Aus I still grieved but didn't even want to contemplate trying again so a couple of cycles have passed by. They were a bit longer than usual, the first cycle after the miscarriage was 7 weeks, the next one was 6 weeks. Now I'm on cycle three and I think this one is going to be about 6-7 weeks as well.

I have decided to give Traditional Chinese Medicine a go, starting acupuncture and acupressure treatment about two weeks ago. I'm having a rather intensive treatment program over the next six weeks while we're still in the UK. Today is meant to be the day of my third treatment but because of the snow on the roads, Andrew isn't confident that we'll get there :-(

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