Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank you

To our little babe,

Thank you for being a part of our lives, even if it was for a few weeks. We love you and wish you could be with us forever but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I will always cherish the memories of your clever acrobatics on the ultrasound, it gave me such reassurance to know that you were still there, alive and healthy. I'm just so sorry that the blood clot claimed your tiny body before you even had a chance.

In a few weeks we will know if you are our son or daughter, I have a feeling you are a boy but there's a chance that I am wrong! It doesn't matter, but it will help us to choose a special name to acknowledge your life. We will also find out some things about you that may help us in the future when we are ready to become parents again. So, thank you for helping us to find the answers that we may need, I am sorry that we sent you off to a lab, I would have brought you home and given you a special resting place. But I am sure that the people at the lab will take the utmost care of you, just as the nurses at the hospital had done.

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