Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another trip to hospital

Who would believe that I could bleed that much and not be losing my baby??

I went to hospital AGAIN today, another big bleed, worse than the last one.

Dr didn't hesitate to have the ultrasound machine wheeled in and she found our baby almost as soon as she stuck that magic wand on my tummy. A nurse was attending with her and had a much better view of the monitor than I so she could have sworn blind that there were little arms and legs moving about!

From my angle, I couldn't see much except the sac and a little white blob (baby) laying at the bottom of it, but Andrew, the Dr and the nurse could ALL make out our baby's heartbeat. So as long as three people could see it, it didn't matter that I couldn't.

A really large blood clot was the culprit, it passed not long ago at home. Probably the same one my Ob could see on the ultrasound on Wednesday before I left hospital. Hopefully it is the LAST one and I can start to enjoy pregnancy instead of being on edge all the time.

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Bec said...

Oh hon, I can not believe what a horror run you have had! Baby J is holding on tight though which I am so happy about xxx