Friday, August 17, 2007

More than just holding hands

Had the appointment with Dr B, went as well as it could I suppose. I'm having a CD23 BT to confirm ovulation and check oestradiol, prolactin and homocysteine levels then go back to Dr B on 11 Sept for the results. As long as they are ok then I will be booking in for a laparoscopy & HSG dye test to see if my fallopian tubes are clear or blocked.

I have no idea what will happen beyond that, Dr B didn't even go into it. But I still laugh when I think about how Dr B approached the subject of how often hubby & I have been having intercourse.... he said to us "I suppose you two are doing more than just holding hands?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!

Oh, and I definitely DO NOT have a bicornuate uterus!! Dr B ought to know, he saw it up close and personal when he did my D&C two years ago. He explained to me that when the sonographer did a transverse image of the top of the uterus he probably did the transverse a little too high and got this "blob" on the image which he mistook for being the septum of a bicornuate uterus. According to Dr B I probably have just a very slight septum and it definitely would not have been to blame for both my miscarriages at 6wks.

So.... I'm guessing that as long as I am ovulating regularly and as long as my fallopian tubes are not blocked then our next move will be IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) with ovulation induction (probably just Clomid for me). I'm guessing that it's going to cost a few hundred dollars for each go at IUI which isn't really an option for us right now but I suppose we'll work it out somehow.

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