Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today I am feeling....

Quietly hopeful.

Not optimistic or positive expectation, just hopeful.

It seems to happen with every cycle. In the week leading up to ovulation I start feeling more hopeful and optimistic that maybe this time I will fall pregnant. Then after ovulation it's the dreaded two week wait until either AF comes again or I will be able to test to find out if I am up the duff. If AF arrives then I come crashing down and feel absolutely devastated that yet another cycle has slipped away.

But today, I am quietly hopeful. About 4 days til ovulation (I hope to goodness that I do ovulate), then it's the waiting game. By the same token, it will be exactly two weeks until I see Dr B, hopefully I can go to see him with good news of a +ve test that morning and my worries will be all for nothing.

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