Sunday, July 22, 2007


  • Was always heavier than other girls, even before puberty. Puberty started at age 11. I don't think I was "overweight", I was comfortable with my body but I was aware that I was a bit taller and heavier than my friends, it just didn't bother me
  • Always painful heavy periods. Cramping would be so severe sometimes that I would be laying on my bed doubled up in agony
  • Complained to Dr about bleeding problems, was put on the Pill for a few years to regulate cycles. Went on and off the Pill a few times
  • Started gaining more weight around 22yo, the coarse facial hair began appearing around this time
  • At 24yo I had really ballooned in weight peaked at 96kg before joining WW, lost 16kg.
  • Stopped going to WW because I had moved house and thought I could do it on my own
  • Around 1999 I started experiencing clotting during my periods, this steadily got worse
  • Maintained around 80kg for 3yrs, gained some back after Canada holiday when I wasn’t working
  • March 2004 I was diagnosed with PCOS. U/s showed NO CYSTS on ovaries. Was put on Diane35 pill but started suffering side effects so stopped taking it after about 3 cycles
  • November 2004 suffered a stroke. After that, cycles went crazy and I was having bouts of bleeding for weeks on end.
  • Complained to my Dr, I was referred for another u/s and this revealed slightly enlarged ovaries, at least 15 cysts on each. Was referred to gyno who put me on a round of Primolut to bring on a period, then had blood test on CD21 to find out if I was ovulating.
  • Joined WW again at 89kg - March 2006
  • Prescribed Clomid, started taking it March 2006. Fell pregnant on third cycle but miscarried at 6wks. Fell pregnant again on fourth cycle and miscarried at 5wks.
  • Stopped taking Clomid, started acupuncture and this appeared to be helping me to ovulate. Went for a few months but couldn’t afford it any longer.
  • Got down to 76.5kg on WW, stopped going but need to get back there again, don’t know how much I have gained back but I desperately want to get down to 65kg.
  • I am 99.5% sure that I am still ovulating every cycle, the physical symptoms are always there – breast tenderness, very high temperatures.
  • Went back to Dr in April 2007 to complain about heaviness of bleeding and large clots. Dr was reluctant to do anything about it because I am still TTC. Referred for another u/s which I had done 5th July, sonographer asked me if I knew I had a bicornuate uterus. I have never been told this before despite having several u/s and 2 D&C in the last three years.
  • Waiting to see gyno on 15th August, I want to know where do we go from here?? Do I go back to Clomid again or do I go to a fertility specialist? Do I have a bicornuate uterus and would this be why I miscarried twice? How can we prevent future miscarriages??

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