Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spoke too soon

Just as I was getting ready for bed on Tuesday night I started to bleed again. No warning or pain, it just started running down my legs. I raced to the bathroom to wash it all off and it kept coming and coming. I was convinced that this was the big one and that I was losing my baby :-(

Went straight to the hospital, the Dr examined me and discovered a massive blood clot just outside my cervix, it was horrifying, I could feel blood gushing everywhere it was so upsetting.

I was admitted for the night and they ran some blood tests, I wasn't allowed to eat breakfast in the morning just in case I was having a miscarriage and they would need to do a D&C.

Thankfully, it wasn't the case and my Obstetrician came in and found baby's heartbeat going nice and strong! He even put the sound on so we could hear the heartbeat. Well, I walked out of that room with the biggest smile on my face and one of the nurses who had been caring for me gave me a lovely hug. I had been crying that morning and she had sat with me for a while and shared some personal experiences with her own infertility battles.

Got home yesterday afternoon and I was just exhausted, all I did was sleep or lay in bed and read. I'm not on bedrest orders but obviously I'm not going to do anything strenuous, just some light duties on the farm when I'm absolutely desperately needed.

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FiestyKel said...

That nurse sounds like a frigging legend. Your babe is a strong one honey - its going to hang on!