Monday, September 1, 2008

One more sleep

I am feeling pretty nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow. I have never been this close to having the ultrasound done, it has always ended badly before I could get to the appointment. So you can probably appreciate my anxiety.

The next hurdle, obviously, is seeing a live baby. I am terrified that there won't be one.

I haven't yet told my parents that I am pregnant, a couple of reasons why but mainly because I don't want to have to tell them bad news later on if it doesn't work out. So I will wait til I am 12 weeks at least. Andrew thinks we should wait longer.

So... tomorrow.... 2.30pm will tell us what the future holds. Then hopefully Andrew & I can go out and have a celebratory late lunch and maybe go to the cinema, so I probably won't be home til quite late tomorrow night. You will probably have to wait til Wednesday morning for the news.

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