Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night while at Tafe I went to the bathroom only to be confronted by some brown spotting on the loo paper. My heart sank. This is always the way a miscarriage starts.

Early this morning I found more brown spotting, this time tinged with pink.

Brown turns to pink, pink turns to red. That's the way it always happens.

Since finding the pinkish brown stain on the loo paper, I haven't had any more spotting. I hope it stays that way, I can't bear to suffer another miscarriage.

I am seeing my Dr at 3.15 today, let her know what I've found but also get the results of LAST FRIDAY'S blood test. I am soooo cranky and can't understand why someone can't just PHONE ME instead of mark the result as "Discuss" and then not even call me and ask me to come in for a consultation?? It's utterly ridiculous that I have to chase them up with phone calls at least twice every day and still get nowhere.

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