Sunday, August 17, 2008


On the 14th of August I was feeling absolutely crappy and miserable about everything and I knew that AF was expected any time but I decided to do a HPT just for the sake of it, to put myself out of misery and accept what was to come.

So imagine my shock and surprise when I saw two lines come up on the test almost instantly??

I actually did the test, put the cap on it and stuck it in my pocket, promptly forgot about it and then remembered again about 30 seconds later hahaha!

I did a second test the next day, just to be sure.

Sooooooooo nervous now, my blood test is tomorrow and I know I won't get any results until Tuesday afternoon at the very earliest.

After suffering three miscarriages already, I am very anxious about this pregnancy. As usual, no real symptoms other than sore breasts. I will feel more reassured when I start suffering from a bit of morning sickness.

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