Monday, June 30, 2008

It gets worse

I have been informed that the Endometriosis is actually worse than I was initially told. My gyno described it as being "peppered about" my insides, scattered around and difficult to remove. So it was all left there and it has been upgraded from "a small amount of endo on one ovary" to "mild Endometriosis".

It now explains why my period pains have been so much worse over the last 3yrs. And now it seems that we will likely skip IUI and go straight onto IVF. According to the gyno anyway.

I have made two appointments for the end of June, shame I couldn't get in any earlier but it could have been an even longer wait which would have made me feel even worse:

30th July - I see the fertility specialist in Ballarat who I first met back in April
31st July - I will see a naturopath who has apparently had very good success with women's reproductive issues.

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