Friday, August 10, 2007

Not long to go now

Just 5 more days til I see Dr B. I'm getting quite anxious, I want answers but I'm also dreading what he might say.

Have been charting my temperatures for this cycle so I know for sure whether I'm ovulating. My chart looks pretty convincing to me, the only thing is that I have hardly seen any cervical mucus so my charting program is only giving me a dotted crosshair for my ovulation date rather than a solid crosshair. The only tangible signs I've observed are higher temperatures and tender breasts.

So I'll take a copy of my charts with me just in case he asks if I'm sure I've ovulated. Dr B thinks charting is a waste of time but isn't it interesting that Drs will look at your charts if you think you can give them the info they need?

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